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Mutually beneficial partnerships

The Pay it Forward prepaid Mastercard offers consumers, schools, charities, faith communities, and retailers a unique and beneficial product. Consumers can save money while giving to their cause and organisations will have the service of an easy, effective way to fundraise with their communities.

A new idea of raising money through "everyday purchases"


We realise your organisation needs money to accomplish its mission. The Pay It Forward prepaid Mastercard offers something revolutionary, a fundraiser that creates continuous funding. We also realise many people want to help but they may not have the additional funds to do so–the Pay It Forward prepaid Mastercard solves this problem.

Easy and substantial savings–Our system is a residual fundraiser that can generate significant earnings.

More efficient–There is little work required on the part of your organisation. Sign up, get started, and reap the rewards for years to come.

Satisfied Supporters–Easier and more convenient fundraising makes everyone happy. With the Pay It Forward prepaid Mastercard you can make it easier and more rewarding for your loyal supporters to help your cause.



Loyalty programs are very popular and today's consumers demand even more from a retailer loyalty program. By creating a network and partnering with the schools, charities and faith communities that are important to your customers, the Pay it Forward prepaid Mastercard allows any business or service to increase their sales and earn customer loyalty like never before.

Competitive advantage – Our consumers have a vested interest in shopping at your store. This advantage could be what sets you ahead of your competition.

Corporate image – Consumers love to shop at stores that show interest in more that just their bottom line; your aid will be recognized as crucial in making your community’s visions and dreams come true.